January 6, 2014

How to Apply for NUP Position in the Philippine National Police (PNP)

NUP stands for Non-Uniformed Personnel and there are four vacant positions that are needed in the PNP force as of this first quarter of the year 2014. These positions are designated in every police station in the local district of the Philippines and are responsible mainly in office related tasks. Main requirement for this position must be a computer literate and must pass certain criteria for each level position you desired to apply for.
Read more information about the Vacant Positions with their Corresponding Qualification Standards and Salary Grades here.

There are several steps to take note when applying for NUP in the Philippine National Police

  1. First is to inquire and visit your local “Admin Section of Headquarters Police Provincial Office” or “Admin PNCOs of municipal/city police station” pertaining for the NUP vacant position details available. For most reasons, if you are to apply for NUP, you will be designated at the nearest local police station from your residence.
  2. Complete all the necessary documents required for the vacant position you desired or qualified to apply for.
    •    Application Letter addressed to… (This information is provided in step 1 and in your application letter indicate the position you are applying for)
    •     Duly Accomplished Personal Data Sheet (CSC Form 212-Revised 2005)
    •     Transcript of Records and Diploma
    •     Certificate of Eligibility
    •     Certificate of Training/s
    •     Certificate of Employment (If there are any)
    •     NBI Clearance
    •     NSO Birth Certificate
    •     NSO Marriage Certificate (If applicable)
  3. After completing all necessary documents, make 2 copies of all the documents you have acquired and have it authenticated by the issuing agency / office.
    Note: “Submit 1 original and 1 authenticated copy of NBI Clearance, NSO Birth Certificate, and NSO Marriage Certificate. All other documents must be authenticated.
  4. Compile all necessary documents in a 2 separate folders. Separating the original copy and the authenticated copy and; submit it to the Admin PNCOs of the municipal/city police station/Headquarters Police Provincial Office on January 31, 2014 where the item you are applying for belongs.
    Note: If NBI clearance is not yet released by January 31, 2014, an official receipt or any proof of application for the said clearance will be accepted. However, date of application for the said clearance must not be later than January 24, 2014.
  5. Wait for further announcements of schedules and other important details through the contact number you provided in your application letter or visit your Admin PNCOs regularly. Always take note of the schedules released for interviews, exams and other important requirements that will be announced.
Take note on these latest schedule updates for NUP Applicants in Iligan City.
Visit for more information.


4th batch of newly hired NUP Sept. 22, 2014


  1. This is a very great opportunity for those guys out there who wants to work in the PNP task force. But I think the last submission of the necessary documents have already expired! Too late for me to come across to this blog!

    1. It is never too late! There will be another batch of NUP Positions to be opened soon. Just keep on updating and visit the for more info. ;-)

    2. helo po gud day! if mayroon another schedule po ng submission sa mga requirements pls inform me po... insteresado po ako tnx.. 09274826468

    3. Good news po sa lahat ng mga interesado na mag apply for NUP! There will be another set of batch for submitting application requirements. This will be on the middle of March 2014. There is still no specific date. Let's just wait for the official announcement for it. Subscribe nlng po tayo dito sa blog na ito to get notifications of its latest updates.

    4. helo, ask ko po kng naa pa hiring nup krn? tnx po and more power.

    5. hiring parin ba ng nup ngayon? tnx and more power

  2. Sir,may hiring po ba ang NUP ngaun?I am interested to apply.

  3. hiring po ba ang NUP at this time...pwede po ba mag aapply yong mga walang eligibility?

  4. At this moment hiring po ba ang NUP, Maari po bang maka apply yong mga walang eligibility?

  5. hello po,pwede po ba mag apply for NUP kahit LET passer po ba ako? at kailan po yung opening jobs for NUP this 2016 po?

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