April 15, 2015

During a Buy-Bust Operation - Worth of P80K of Illegal Drugs Siezed!

According to reports in our neighboring city, CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY --- Authorities have seized illegal drug dealings worth of about 80,000 Pesos during their buy bust operation in a certain lodging house in the said city. Illegal drugs are getting worse and are getting high amount of quantity being transacted in our major cities in Northern Mindanao area. We already know what comes after with this kind of crimes and the major purpose behind this illegal campaign. We could name a few, terrorism, funding for illegal firearms or other worst case that we could think of. As for us, a good citizen in our lovely city we should be vigilant and watchful of any illegal activities that we could know of --- and let the authorities know about it. Let's help fight these illegal activities and report to our local authorities. It's the least that we could do!

Illegal Drugs

As the report says...

"... Anti-Illegal Drugs Task Force Officer-in-Charge Senior Inspector Gilbert Rollen said they arrested suspected drug pusher Ervin Loma following two months of surveillance operation.

Rollen said Loma had been moving from one lodging house to another. The suspect allegedly sold drugs to customers in various lodging houses.

Loma admitted that the illegal drugs he obtained came from Iligan City.

He is facing charges for violating the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act."

– Report from Shiela Joy Labrador, ABS-CBN News Northern Mindanao"

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